First Day of 5th Grade!

Aug 7, 2014 by

First Day of 5th Grade!

Welcome, welcome, welcome to Room 10!

I am SO happy to have all of you as parents, students and supporters. We have an amazing year ahead of us, and it all started today.


Students began the day by working on an All About Me pennant/flag, and then we read 1st Day Jitters. After agreeing that we were all a bit nervous about the upcoming school year, we poured ‘Jitter Juice’ powder into our new waterbottles and drank up!


┬áThe nerves were calmed, and we laughed our way through a rousing reading of The Teacher from the Black Lagoon. A few of our very own classmates made cameos as characters before we reached the end and realized the teacher wasn’t as bad as the main character thought she was. ;) Mrs. Kreeger and I introduced ourselves to the class through ’5 Things About Me’ bags, and the students were given their own bag to fill and bring back tomorrow.


We organized our supplies, took first day pictures, colored paper t-shirts that showed our personality and then gathered around Mrs. Kreeger to outline the rules of Room 10. We looked to the book ‘Do Unto Otters’ for advice on how to get along with each other, and then brainstormed how we could apply those lessons to our very own class family.


 Students got their energy out at lunch, sweated their way through their first PE class and received their very special homework folders and agendas. Students will be using these every day, and parents are asked to look at/sign the agendas each evening. Ask your student to tell you all about our special end-of-day routine with these helpful organizational tools!


It was an awesome day to start off our year, and I can’t wait to see everyone back in Room 10 tomorrow morning! May everyone have a restful evening, and I’ll see you all soon!

-Mrs. Uppman

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