Walk with Pride Campaign

Sep 15, 2014 by

Dear Parents,

Hello! We are about to launch a very important event for Room 10.

Walk with Pride is Pacific Grove’s annual classroom fundraiser. While we have other fundraisers-magazine sales, silent auction, etc-this is the only fundraiser where every penny you help raise goes directly to our Room 10 classroom.

There are two ways to help fund raise for our classroom:

The first is for students to collect pledges and walk laps this Saturday, Sept. 20 down at Lover’s Point. Each lap is about a mile, so I told students they should make sure they are collecting more than 10 cents a lap. ;) I’ll be at the Lover’s Point table at 8am for a class picture with any students who come out to walk. Students will get a stamp for each lap they walk, and they can use those stamps to collect on the pledges they acquired.

The second way you can help fund raise for our classroom is to simply ask friends, neighbors and relatives to give straight donations to our classroom. This does count for a tax write-off and I’m happy to provide a letter of record for anyone who would like one. We even have an online donation button that you can send out through e-mail and social media when asking loved ones to help your student’s classroom.

All money raised during this event will go directly to Room 10. We will be using it to build our classroom radio station, setting up a green screen for video recording, building a technology podium for student presentations in the middle of the classroom, providing supplies for art projects, etc.

I always feel awkward asking for money from parents and relatives, but I do believe that during this one event, we can come together and raise a significant amount that would provide a HUGE amount of resources to our students. Erik and I have talked about how Robert Down really does provide the type of education you might expect from a private school, but for free. Considering we’re saving you upwards of 2k a month, perhaps you could send a fraction of that amount in at this time? ;)

Students can bring a single check in, or money as they receive it. All money donated through our online Paypal button will go directly into our PG Pride account. This is not a mandatory fundraiser, but all donations are extremely appreciated.

I encourage you to send an e-mail or Facebook post out to friends, grandparents, aunts and uncles, neighbors, friends, etc-we know people give to charities and foundations each year, and if you make a convincing case for our technology needs, perhaps we can be their charity of choice for 2014! ;) Our PayPal link is http://bit.ly/DonateMrsUppman.

Thank you all so much for your love and support this year-I want to give your children everything I can, and these donations will provide the material resources to do just that!



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