Walk with Pride: It’s On!

Sep 8, 2015 by

Dear Parents,

Ittttttt’s here! Our biggest fundraising drive of the year is Walk with Pride and the race is on!

Traditionally, students have collected pledges from friends and families, and then gathered at Lover’s Point to walk laps on the walking path to help earn money for their classrooms.

We are finding as more and more families are involved in athletic and social activities, the fundraiser has changed into a simple giving campaign.

Last year, our Room 10 students were incredibly motivated to build our podcasting station and they raised over $1,700 by asking friends and family to contribute towards their classroom. This year we’re working to raise enough fund to provide us with a wireless color printer and unlimited ink, supplies to create Russian Pysanky eggs and the music/props/costumes to put on the first ever Room 10 Earth Day Musical Revue.

The fundraiser officially starts today! Students are encouraged to ask anyone they know to either sponsor laps walked/biked/scooted the morning of Saturday, September 9th or to simply donate funds to the classroom. I will be sending out a PayPal link in the next few days that can be posted on social media or e-mailed out to those who might want to contribute but do not live locally.

Thank you so much for your participation-this fundraiser is an extremely exciting event and we look forward to hitting our goals! Students may bring in checks or cash at any point in the next three weeks and we will start add it to our Walk with Pride goal tracker!



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