Walk with Pride-Tomorrow!

Sep 18, 2015 by

Dear Parents,

Walk with Pride is here!

I invite all of you to join us tomorrow morning at Lovers’ Point to walk/bike/skate/scoot/run the bike path in an effort to raise money for Room 10. Students have a pledge sheet that they can record lap pledges on, or friends and family may make a single gift to the classroom. Checks can be made out to PG Pride.

The Uppman family will be walking the path at 9am would love for students to join us. If you cannot make it, students are still welcome (and encouraged!) to bring in a donation to the classroom.

We are specifically fundraising for three projects this year-a wireless printer for student use, Russian egg painting this spring and a spring Earth Day musical. Extra money raised will go to help fund books, art supplies and classroom incidentals that are usually paid for out of the fund of Mrs. Uppman. ;)

Thank you so much for all your support! Students may bring in donations through Oct. 2nd-we have a thermometer that we keep track of our donations on, and we can’t wait to see it rise, rise, rise!



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